ENG Bauen is a resourcing partner on many Energy, Infrastructure and Engineering projects across the EMEA and Americas. Values typically range from $150K to $2.5billion.


Our client list includes world leading organisations in oil, gas, and chemical refining, alongside major infrastructure and urban development operators spanning rail, power, water, build and tech.


We specialise in the deployment of established professionals across the phases of the project life cycle, from FEED, through detailed design, to construction and handover.

Rail Highways Urban Development Renewables Nuclear EFW Exploration & Production Downstream LNG

Our worldwide reach

We deliver critical manpower for plant expansions, turnarounds, and greenfield construction around the world, including remote locations where local talent is scarce and competition fierce.

Complete life cycle recruitment strategies

Across the arc of your projects you will need different professionals at different times. We will work with you to forecast requirements, map talent availability and resource every phase of your project.

01 Feasibility study
02 R&D Support
03 Feed/Basic Engineering
04 Detail Engineering
05 Procurement
06 Construction
07 Commisioning
08 Operations & Maintenance
09 Revamping & Expansion


London, UK TFL, London underground Project Type: Underground upgrade Project Services: Senior Construction Management and execution services
Cologne, Germany Polyethylene Plant Project Type: Flexicoker Unit Refinery Project Services: Full Project controls services (Cost, Planning and Document control)
New York, New York New York Power Authorities Project Type: Power grid upgrade Project Services: Project Management and Electrical Design Engineering services