Talent Mapping

ENG Bauen integrates with your in-house talent mapping or broader strategic business activities to understand your requirements and identify sources of talent. This includes full project support for capital investment programmes such as new facilities, as well as services to support succession planning, internal promotion and day-to-day recruitment.

Using our talent mapping expertise, we help companies identify top candidates across the country to meet their future high-level skills needs. We identify who the target candidates are, where they are located and what their backgrounds are. It’s a detailed process, comprising extensive research, screening and interviewing to identify a comprehensive list of suitable candidates.

Typical assignment

We developed accurate talent maps for a major process manufacturer, to support recruitment for a niche phase of the engineering life cycle and 2 critical projects. This talent map helped assess the viability of staffing a further 2 major projects in Europe.

The project was based on an in-depth needs assessment, which addressed the unique working philosophy of the organisation, as well as the specific technical requirements.

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