The infrastructure industry in the UK is facing some stringent resourcing challenges that are mirrored in many parts of the world. ‘mega projects’ such as HS2 and HPC are attracting vast swathes of the market, drawn by perceived long-term job security and premium salaries.

If you are competing over the same framework agreements in the same locations, we can offer you an edge when it comes to attracting candidates – based on our proven talent pooling expertise. Equally we can help you develop and market a distinct employment offer to compete with the ‘mega project’ option.

We work across the following infrastructure subsectors:

Rail, Highways, Build, Geotechnical, Marine, Water, Telecommunication

Some examples of projects we have supported in Infrastructure:

Delivery of Senior Construction Management team, TFL project, London Underground, London UK

Engineering & Maintenance team, OPA (Oil Pipeline Agency) asset project, England & Scotland, UK

Design, Civil & Structural teams major sports stadium, London, UK

OLE Design team, Great Western Rail electrification project, Bristol to London, UK